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Wednesday, 23 October 2019


Varanasi tops the list of polluted cities in India no action taken yet

K c sharma

A poster exhibition was organized by The Climate Agenda at Shaheed Udya near Sigra area of Varanasi on 23rd October 2019. The exhibition was focused to demand clear action against polluters in Varanasi in the wake of a CPCB report released on Tuesday claiming Varanasi being the most polluted city in India. Posters were handmade by renowned artists across the state, giving out the glimpse of a miserable life of more than 3 million people living their lives on God’s will, when there is no accountable official in the district and state administration to implement National Clean Air Action Plan. 

Speaking at the occasion, Ekta Shekhar said: The air quality of Varanasi has once again plummeted to worst in the country and we see the same thing happening every year. A report from Central Pollution Control Board states that Varanasi air remained the most polluted one in the country, what it abstains from saying that the Varanasi Administration is performing the worst in terms of Implementing Clean Air Action Plan. District Officials don’t feel themselves accountable and remain neutral whereas over 3 million population is forced to live in poisonous air.”

Manager of the 100% UP Campaign Secretariat, Ms Saniya Anwar said “Millions in our country are dying every year due to poison in air. A Clean Air Action Plan was made after a long struggle but there is no use of that. Our unaccountable officials have made this program super flop. Posters which are used here are handmade by major artists are are exhibited here to help public know such heinous negligence of their officials and suggest methods to control air pollution. This exhibition will be organized at other places also.”  

The exhibition drew huge public attention. People who participated mainly were Sunil Singh Dhuria, Babbi Shankar Pathak, Sachin, Brijesh Patel, Shweta, Amnu Shri, Chanda, Ravi Rajan, Ashish Patel, Pratima Nishad, Ashutosh Srivastav, Ravi Shekhar and many others.
Issued By,
Ekta Shekhar, Lead Campaigner, The Climate Agenda,
8090055505, 9795034908.